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On site training at Poochie's Park occurs all day every Monday through Friday.  If you wish to meet with the trainer, please call or email first to arrange a time so you won't be pulling him/her away from a training session.  Thanks

K9 Perceptions has joined up with Poochies to offer some of the best dog training services you could ask for right here, full time, in house.

Since we first started training dogs in 2004, the mission has always been the same and that’s to help prevent the relinquishment and euthanasia of dogs through training and education.  When your dog runs into a behavior issue, we know it can at times be overwhelming but we're confident after you speak to our team your worries will subside.

Whether you’re looking to start a good training foundation for your young pup or to get your four legged wild child back on the right track, K9 Perceptions’ expert team is here and ready for the challenge!


Doggie Training Camp

Many owners are busy and don’t have the time needed to build a strong training foundation or break bad habits especially if there are behavior problems involved. That’s where we the experts can step in and work with your pup to build a foundation, tackle any behavior problems and teach you how to keep it up. Our doggie training behavior camps and obedience camps are our specialty and what most of our customers choose.  Your pup gets to stay with us in the doggie camp/pet resort that is Poochie’s!  During the stay we work through a customized training plan tailored to yours and your dog’s specific needs.

Though the brief time away from your pup sounds like it may be hard, the results are way worth the sacrifice as many of our satisfied clients will note.  Besides, they are having a blast at camp and being well pampered by the Poochie’s staff while they are here!  During your dog’s stay you may visit as often as you like.  At Poochie’s you’ll be able to stop by and hang out with them in the big comfy indoor lounge or take your friend to the dog park (free for campers).  You can even arrange to sit in on some of the lessons.  We know they are your babies and we keepthat in mind.  During your dog’s entire stay we will provide you with updates through daily pictures, videos, and training reports via phone, text message, email, and Facebook.

Private Lessons

Our private lessons are unique in the amount of information we are able to give owners in such a short amount of time. That’s because we have so much actual experience and knowledge with hands ontraining.We have trained everything from service dogs to obedience and most everything in between. We also train other trainers so we are fully equipped at teaching owners our techniques to help bring out their dog’s full potential. A private lesson starts out with a consult and developing a training plan. Once we have that together we sta

rt demonstrating techniques that best fit your dog. We then get you the owner involved and guide you through as it’s ultimately going to fall on you to train your dog if you choose private lessons. We will coach you on body language, canine communication, and even learning theory. Once the lesson is over we stay in touch to make sure you are not having any issues. We also assign you homework and lessons as you can give us feedback on a daily basis. Once you achieve your lesson’s goal we can schedule your next lesson.

Group Classes

Our group classes are more than what you would expect a group class to be. At the beginning of each group class we take a survey to find out what every ones needs are in the class then we build the class around ourclients and their dogs. We do have a general guide as we always fit in the basics and have discussions on behavior throughout the class. Our classes are four weeks so we don’t require a two month commitment. However the group classesholds the same standards as any of K9 Perceptions other services so come prepared for a lot of information and techniques customized to your dog. We offer our group classes to provide our services for those that may not beable to go the other routes of training or are not looking for that advanced level of service. Our classes take place right here at Poochies, sometimes indoors in the lobby and sometimes out in the dog park.  There’s plenty of space for your kids or spouse to come along too, we encourage the whole family to participate.  As with any other teacher we will be assigning homework so be prepared to work with your dog at home as well.



More training information can be found on the K9 Perceptions website.