Poochie's Dog Park

The park experience is relaxing and fun for both you and your best friend. You'll both enjoy spending quality outdoors time together while meeting new buddies on the 3 and ½ acre playground. Being off the leash, in an open and fun atmosphere, dogs get to be dogs without all that tension of being on the leash or in their “own territory”.  There’s lots to do here….Some come for quiet walks through the quarter mile nature trail, while others are playing fetch in the grassy areas, rolling and digging in the sand or swimming in the pond.  It’s the great outdoors all safely fenced in with controlled entry.

Tips For Your First Visit:

Rule number one:  Always be nice, no matter what.  Dogs that are mean or humans that are mean are not tolerated at Poochie's Park.
You need to be aware of all the rules and requirements we have for using the park.  Click on the links below and study them well before you show up.
You'll need to bring the paper from your vet that shows they are current on all the vaccines that we require. Click here for the required vaccines.  If you are missing any vaccines, you have the option of visiting the Vet next door if they are open.  You may want to bring a towel in case your pooch wants to go swimming.
We have tons of free tennis balls and Frisbees here--it’s good idea to leave your own toys at home if your dog is the jealous type, or in case another dog decides to run off with it!  We also have complimentary poobag stations throughout the park so you can clean up after your pooper.
Friendly dogs only; If you’re not sure how your dog will behave in the dog park environment, please call ahead and ask the office to set up a behavior check before entering. 

Park the car and you can bring your dog inside to register.  It takes about 5-10 minutes but once its done then every time you visit from now on will be a breeze.

Dog Park F.A.Q.'s




Click here to read the Safety Brief and Liability Agreement (takes about 5 minutes) that you'll sign when you arrive at Poochie’s


Dog Park Prices

Note: All dog park visitor or membership prices are per household not per dog.  (One fee includes all the dogs in that one house.)



First Visit is free (don’t forget to bring those vaccine papers!).    After that, its $10 per household for a DayPass to the park.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the dog park everyday of the week but they are limited to visiting only when the office is open for checking in.  The regular non-member/returning visitor day pass is $10 per day.  As a non member/visitor, you must check in at the office and pay for a visitor key each time you visit.




Your membership key allows you  and your best friend to enter the dog park anytime you want 365 days a year.

Revolving Monthly*: $30
*automatic renewal billing, not a contract.
1 Month Prepaid: $35
3 Months Prepaid: $90
6 Months Prepaid: $175
1 Year Prepaid:  $285

Gate Key Fobs: $10 each, (Max 2 Keys per Household)
All memberships require the one time fee for a gate key fob.

(plus tax for all dog park memberships/fees)