Boarding and Daycamp Prices


Regular Suites
$33.66  per night (if less than a 10 night stay).
$18  each additional dog from the same family.
Regular Suites with Patio
$40 per night
$18 each additional dog from the same family.
Private Luxury Rooms
$45 per night. (no long term stay discounts for private rooms)
$18 each additional dog from the same family.

Long Term Boarding Stay Discounts are available!  If you're needing to book a stay for your dog of 10 nights or more, please send us an email with the number of dogs and number of nights you would like to reserve and the manager will write you back with a quote as soon as possible. Email

Check Out Time is 3pm. 
We prefer boarding dogs to be picked up by 3pm on their last day of boarding.  If you need to pick up your kids later than 3pm then that's no problem, but a "Late Check Out/Daycamp Fee" of $2 per hour, per dog will apply after 3pm every hour until closing time.  If not picked up by closing time then your dogs will stay the night.
Everything involved in boarding your pal, including the daycamp play everyday, is covered in the nightly rate except for the following:
  • Grooming/Spa services will cost you extra but it's what's required to get them clean right before its time to go home.  We have a full grooming salon here serviced by our professional and certified groomers.  You have the option of selecting a "Quick Wash", "Groomer's Bath", "Full Groom or De-Shedding Treatment".

  • Extra Special Feeding Instructions:  We always recommend bringing your own food so your dog won't have any upsets in their normal diet.  There is no charge for feeding except in cases where you have an extensive feeding routine that takes more time to complete.   We will have to charge you a special feeding fee of $2 per meal per dog.

  • Veterinary services, if needed, will cost extra.  We would only have the doctors next door treat your dog with your permission first as long as you can be reached.  If you can't be reached, then Poochie's manager with the guidance of our vet techs will decide on your behalf if your pet should get treatment.  Poochie’s campers get a discount on the exam fee, if an exam is needed for treatment.        

  •  Training sessions during camp cost extra and must be booked through K9 Percpetions prior to your arrival for boarding or daycamp.
  •  Medicine Administration:  50 cents per administration.  PILLS: If it's a pill that your dog needs to take, please bring us something to hide the pill in if he won't eat it right out of his food bowl.  If he is not eating his pill, we will try to open his mouth and have him swallow it but if he seems nervous, we will not push it.  We will sell you a bag of our "Pill Pockets" in order to get him to swallow it.  The manager is the only one in the building that administers meds.  We WILL make sure that he gets his medications!

  • Special Medical Needs Dogs! Such as Diabetics, Etc..  ATTENTION!  BOARDING is a big change on your dogs lifestyle which can affect their health in adverse ways.  With the vets here working along side us, Poochie's does have the ability to take very good care of your dog during their stay but we need your cooperation.  The following requirement is for any dog that needs extra special health monitoring and treatments during their stay, such as dogs with diabetes. :::::: PRIOR TO YOUR RESERVATION with us, your dog needs to have an exam from one of OUR vets on site. During the exam and consult with you, they will come up with a plan of treatment for Poochie's to follow during your pets stay with us.  During the boarding stay, Poochie's needs to charge you an additional $10 per day to follow the routine and fill out the health chart that the vet gives us and also administer the insulin shots or other meds as needed.  The vets next door will also be on stand by for us to ask any questions we have or to check in on your dog anytime we ask them to.



    Full Day of Daycamp (more than 4 hours)      $21   ($17 each additional dog same family)

    Half Day of Daycamp (4 hours or less)   $14   ($11 each additional dog same family)

    5 Day Pass------------$95 (Additional Dog Same Family $75)
    10 Day Pass----------$188 (Additional Dog Same Family $143)

                Use them whenever, doesn’t have to be consecutive. Discount Day Passes never expire!



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