Boarding and Daycamp F.A.Q.

What are the requirements for boarding or daycamp at Poochie’s?

Boarding or Daycamp Requirements

What are the Policies I should know about for Boarding or Daycamp?

Boarding or Daycamp Policies

How do I know if my dog is suitable for this environment? 

If you are unsure of your dogs’ temperament around other dogs, you should first bring your dog in for a temperament evaluation from one of our DogMasters. Its best to call us first and ask what time is a good time for us to do it.  Based on the evaluation there in the office, we will either tell you, “don’t worry, he’s fine!” or “we think you should do a day of daycamp to get him comfortable before leaving him over night” or “ahhhh!  My arm!” just kidding.  Most dogs are very quick to adapt to any situation and ALL the time we see transformations of dogs during boarding or daycare.  They may start out timid or defensive and by the end of the day they are running with the pack, happy and carefree the way a dog should be.

What do you do if a dog is aggressive during their stay? 

From the start, we only accept dogs that are friendly with other dogs. During the initial evaluation if we feel like the dog is a threat to other guests then we will inform the owner that its not going to work until the dog receives further training/rehabilitation.  Our trained and experienced DogMasters know enough about dog behavior to see the signs of two dogs not getting along before a fight actually happens so if a dog was to act aggressively toward another while they were already here in camp, the dogs involved will be put in separate play groups and if they show any other aggression signs with other dogs then they will not be allowed to return to camp. Each dog is different and just because one dog might have growled or snapped at another once over a tennis ball doesn’t necessarily mean that they are aggressive in nature.  We have to handle each case differently and evaluate each dogs behavior individually in order to make the determination if they can’t come to Poochie’s again.  With that said, if a dog gets yelled at so much for being too rough or scaring others or just being a terror during play time then that dogs mom and dad will be told that they can’t bring him back unless and until he’s been properly trained/rehabilitated from that kind of behavior.

I have a small, timid or elderly dog, what do you do for them? 

Each dog that comes here for the first time is evaluated and placed in the group that best suits their size and also their play style. We will have a young and active large dog group and a small, timid group and also a separate elderly dog group. Each separated group lives together and plays together throughout their stays.  

How much outside play time do the dogs get each day? 

Boarding:    Poochie's has always been about dogs playing together outside on BIG open natural spaces.  Only letting them go into a small artificial turf "toilet yard" or spending most of their outside time in a 10 foot "run" is not our thing.   Because of that, we purposely only built enough kennels here for the amount of time, yard space (15 dogs max at a time in each 2 acre fenced area), and attention that we believe each dog needs. Your dog is going to get at least 3 to 4 hours of off leash running and swimming with friends on acres of beautiful land every day EVEN during the busy holiday periods.  The routine goes like this: out for 30-40 minutes and then in for 40 minutes and then back out and then back in and then back out, back in, back out…all day long, everyday from 7am to 7pm, 365 days a year, even if the front office is closed.

Daycamp: When you come for daycamp, just like the boarding dogs, the manager will evaluate your dog upon arrival and decide which play group will best suit your dog's size, age and play style.  Your pup will be in and out all day long with activities while they are here.   They're guaranteed to eat all their dinner and go sleep like a baby when you get them home.

Naptime/lunch-snack time is for everybody everyday from around 12 to 2.  You can bring a snack for your dog or ask us to give him some of our treats homemade by Grammie.

What do you do if it's raining or really hot outside? 

Only if it’s really heavy rain or if there’s any lightning around then we will go inside and wait it out. For a light rain with no lightning, we love to play in it with your dogs*, how often do they get to do that at home? (*if we see a dog that REALLY hates it when it rains then we would send that one back inside) We have a 2000 square foot indoor playground with artificial turf to use during times when we can't go out.  We rotate all the dogs through there to play for a while during storms so they're not cooped up too long.  We also make rounds through the kennels to make sure nobody is freaking out during the storm.  If it’s very hot out then we shorten their outings to about just 20 minutes during the hottest part of the day.  They come in for about 30 minutes to cool off and then they’re back out again.  Smashed face dogs (bulldogs, pugs, etc..) that have trouble breathing when it's hot will be inside the indoor play turf building more often so they still get exercise in a safe way.

What should I bring with my dog? 

When boarding, you are not required to bring any food or belongings with you though we prefer that you leave at least her own leash with us during her stay.   We have Mexican blankets for bedding and stainless steel food and water bowls.  You can eat our Science Diet Advance Fitness food but you are always encouraged to bring your own if they have something they are already used to.  We also have treats, some of them fresh and homemade by Grammie, and we have other types of Hill’s Science Diet brand foods that may be a more suitable fit for your dogs needs.  The vet also carries prescription foods.  If your pet has her own bed, favorite toy, treats, chew bones, or anything special to him you are encouraged to bring it to make your dog's stay as close to home as possible. Though we do our best with personal belongings with your dogs very own built in locker, we can’t guarantee it won’t happen and shouldn’t be held responsible for lost items.  Your dog might grab a toy or their bone and run with it outside for example.

What if my dog becomes injured or sick during their stay?

Lucky for all of us, we have some of the best vets in town right here in the building every day, Black Creek’s Pet Clinic at Poochie’s.  The whole staff but especially the Dog Masters are up close and personal with your dog everyday here since we are spending so much time with them all day.  One of the things we’ve gotten lots of praise for over the years is to spot when something is not right.  Your dog does not have to suffer with a sickness or injury here at camp, we want to get them all better asap and we have the ability to do it!  First; you will be contacted immediately and informed so that you can guide us and the vet on what steps you want taken (or not taken).  We will leave you messages (if you don’t answer on vacation-we don’t blame you!).  Second, after waiting a reasonable amount of time depending on the ailment, if we can’t get a hold of you then you authorize us to make the appropriate decision for you to keep your dog happy and healthy.  We will take him to our vet next door and they will fix him up in house or if it’s serious then they will transport him to either their hospital in Middleburg (a 10 minute ride) or to the after hours E.R. in Orange Park (15 min ride, and our vet is also a partner of the ER team of doctors!).  They will also contact your current vet if they needed any medical history.  If you prefer your own vet do any treatment you may want to arrange for your emergency contact to come here to transport him to his own vet.

Will my dog be tired when they leave? 

Yes! Your dog might need a day or two of rest after leaving camp. The exercise they get here is usually a lot more than they normally get at home. Most dogs enjoy resting and relaxing as soon as you get them back to their own home and bed.  They may also be very thirsty when they get home.  My dogs drink a lot every time when I get them home, rest assured they have access to fresh water the entire time they're here, it's just some unexplained post-boarding behavior that seems common.  We’ve also had reports of dogs seeming a little depressed when they go home!  Don’t worry, this too will pass, they probably just made some close friendships with a special dogfriend here.

Can I visit him/her during their stay?

Of course!  If you happen to be still in town during his/her vacation anytime you want you may come here and either relax in the lounge or take him/her to the dog park at no charge.

What’s this I hear about your daily phoDOGraphy?

We take pictures and-or videos of your dog everyday and post them on our website every night.  Some of them turn out really great!  We sometimes print pictures of your dogs and have them ready for you at pick up time.  90% of the picture money comes to Poochie’s and we use it for our annual Poochie’s staff getaway so when you order your pictures it’s kind of like giving  us a tip!  Check them out by clicking on the phoDOGraphy link on our website.

What are the hours and days for drop off and pick up?

Same hours that the office is open, everyday! Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm.  Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 5.

Tours allowed everyday from 10 to 5.

We prefer boarding dogs to be picked up by 3pm on their last day of boarding.  If you need to pick up your kids later than 3pm then that's no problem, but a "Late Check Out/Daycamp Fee" of $2 per hour, per dogwill apply after 3pm every hour until closing time. If not picked up by closing time then your dogs will stay the night.


*THE OFFICE IS CLOSED FOR DROP OFFS AND PICK UPS ON THE FOLLOWING 6 DAYS:  Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day.
*THE OFFICE CLOSES AT 5PM ON THE FOLLOWING NIGHTS:  Halloween night, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve.

Click on the Contact Us Link for the hours and phone number.