Boarding and Daycamp


The sun rises just enough to light the tops of the mighty trees at Poochie’s on another cool Florida morning.  It's time to wake up for the campers.  As they open their eyes and leave their cozy beds, they head out towards the woods, together and happy to be free again.  The rest of their day will be filled with activities to keep their minds and bodies happy and healthy.

It's not your average kennel, it’s not doing time in a “run”…it’s your dog's vacation!  


In 2013 we moved out of our old building and into our new beautiful 10,000 square foot indoor facility with pet spa and veterinary clinic.  Years of research went in to the building design.  The result: a top notch, state of the art facility with amenities for dogs and people that love them.  The spacious stalls are built with high quality materials from Mason Company and are kept extremely clean.  Each dog has his own locker for their personal belongings.  There’s a state of the art fresh air circulating system and skylights and windows in every room.   The floor is coated with a non absorbing epoxy coating so that it’s easy to sanitize each day.  Last but not least we have the most wonderful loving staff with the most experience.  It’s our job during their “inside time” to make sure each guest is happy, healthy and properly pampered with the right amount of rest and relaxation in between their outings.


Poochie’s has been known since 2003 for providing a different kind of boarding or daycamp experience.  We believe that the great outdoors is where EVERY dog wants to be.   We also believe that every dog has the desire to be social with his own kind and Poochie’s is a great place to do just that.   You're pup is going to get at least 3 to 4 hours per day to enjoy the great outdoors with a group of friends that are of the same age, size, and activity level.  This is all included with the nightly rate, no extra fees for playtime here!  Our total facility, dog park included, is 7 acres.  The boarding and daycamp dogs' have their own separate play park that makes up about 4 of those acres on pristine land filled with REAL BIG trees with real squirrels, REAL sand and dirt to dig in, REAL grass to roll in, REAL BIG swimming pond, and wide open landscapes to run just like the dog park!  They’ll be supervised by one of our famed DogMasters.  This is a hard working, unique individual with the heart of a saint and the patience of a monk that’s a true dog lover of course.  They are equipped with the special training and experience it takes to take charge and care for a “pack” of dogs.  Poochie’s dogs love their dogmasters, just ask them, its their job to know them all on a first name basis.

What's included or not included in the nightly rate for Poochie's Park Resort?:  

We at Poochie's believe that most things should come automatically as part of a dogs daily/nightly care, if there's something that we can get away with NOT charging you for then we are gonna do it!  We believe that means you don't pay extra for 3-4 hours per day of outside supervised play time, or swim time, or unlimited cuddle time--you ought to charge US for that!, or treat time, or housekeeping services, or meal times*.  We will also take videos and-or pictures of every dog, everyday and post them to the web every night so you can see for yourself just what an awesome dog you have.   Click on the “phoDOGraphy” button to see for yourself!

 *click on BOARDING & DAYCAMP PRICES for a full explanation of anything that may cost you extra or is not included in the nightly rate.




Click here to read the Safety Brief and Liability Agreement that you'll have to sign when you arrive at Poochie’s Park for the first time (takes about 5 minutes to read)

NON DISCOUNTED BOARDING NIGHTS (these are nights where everyone must pay the full regular price for each kennel)
*THE OFFICE IS CLOSED FOR DROP OFFS AND PICK UPS ON THE FOLLOWING 6 DAYS:  Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day.
*THE OFFICE CLOSES AT 5PM ON THE FOLLOWING NIGHTS:  Halloween night, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve.


Thank-you for choosing Poochie's for your dog's vacation. The experience your dog will have here is one of a kind. We promise to maintain a safe environment and ensure that your pooch stays healthy and happy while she/he is having the time of their life with their friends here.