About Us

Poochie’s is family owned and operated by a local Clay County mom and pop since 2004!  

Heather and David and their three girls.  The girls grew up and continue to grow up around all these dogs and they love it!  Back in the good ol days, our first born had a crib in the "old building" right next to where all the dogs stayed-it’s true, babies will sleep through anything.   

Anyways, it’s been a long road and it was only possible with hard work, never giving up, a love of dogs, a solid group of loyal customers and especially the employees we’ve had over the years-we’ve been really blessed in many ways.  This page is to pay tribute to those employees (most of them are more like family).  Poochie’s is just not Poochie’s without the hard work and dedication of these people.


The backbone of Poochie’s-these are hard working, unique individuals with the hearts of saints and the patience of monks, true dog lovers of course.  They are equipped with the special training and experience it takes to take charge and care for a “pack” of dogs.  They are responsible for supervising, feeding, watering, cleaning, and overall; making sure every dog is having the best time possible.  Poochie’s dogs love their dogmasters, just ask them!


The hardest job I’ve ever had.  These girls and guys have to be everywhere at the same time.  Greeting the customers, answering phones, checking on the dog park, managing and directing everyone else about the changing daily activities, relaying instructions from moms and dads or the vets, walking through the kennels for inspections, giving tours, selling memberships, doing laundry and dishes, there’s more but you get the point!


Fixing and building stuff behind the scenes, the mission is to make everything better for everybody that enjoys Poochie’s - both dogs and humans.  An unsung hero, but we all benefit from what he does every time we use something that works!


Most of us just see the finished product after the grooming is done, but how many of us know just how long this takes and the skill set that’s needed?  I’m here to tell you, I have witnessed it first hand and it really takes a LOT of time and skill to get these dogs to the standards that our groomers are held to.  We've got 3 of the best groomers in town with years of experience under each of their belts.  See the Pet Spa page to learn about them.


K9 Perceptions was a perfect match for Poochie's dogs. They always tell us, we are not here training dogs; we are training companions. They believe that dogs are more than just dogs, they are family, friends, and confidantes and they have done some great things to help dogs here at Poochie's. They have also been very helpful training us humans by passing their knowledge around the building giving us tips to make our jobs easier when we work with

these amazing animals.


Black Creek Veterinarians and Technicians

We are so lucky to have these guys here. The dogs and cats are too. They have really big hearts combined with education and experience.  They are some of the best vets in Clay County proven from their other hospital in Middleburg since 1988.  When we have a problem or question we walk next door and they drop everything and help us.  They are the same way with their clients; they really go the extra mile.  Just ask anyone who uses them as their pet’s vet and let THEM tell you how great they are. CLICK to see the rest of the staff at Black Creek Veterinary Hospital 

Thank you Former Employees and Supporters

David and Heather would like to say a big thank you to all the people that have supported them and Poochie’s throughout the growing years and still today.  That includes our family, friends, close customers, Clay CountyGovernment workers, all the people that built our new building and last and most of all those employees that are not here anymore but served us well during those years.  All of you contributed to the success of Poochie’s in your own individual ways and all of you deserve a lot of credit for the success we have.  Cheers!