Boarding and Daycamp Policies


Boarding & Daycamp F.A.Q.’s page.

Non-Discounted Boarding Nights

Click here to read the Safety Brief and Liability Agreement that you'll have to sign when you arrive at Poochie’s Park for the first time (takes about 5 minutes to read)

Boarding or Daycamp Hours:  Our drop off and pick up times are the same as our normal office hours, open every day.  Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm.  Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

Boarding- Last Day Pick up Time:  We prefer boarding dogs to be picked up by 3pm on their last day of boarding.  If you need to pick up your kids later than 3pm then that's no problem, but a "Late Pick up/Daycamp Fee" of $2 per hour, per dog will apply after 3pm every hour until closing time.  If not picked up by closing time then your dogs will stay the night.

After Hours Pick Up Not Allowed:  If your dog is not picked up by the time the staff leaves for the night, he/she will be boarded over night at the owner's expense and you’ll have to pick her up the next day.  Employees reserve the right to leave at closing time so please don’t ask them to stay.

Tours Given:  You can get a tour of the inside of our facility every day from 10 to 5 without an appointment.  You may tour the outside grounds if you wish between 12:30 and 1:30 by first requesting an appointment only.

Understand and Accept the Risks of leaving your dog here:  This is listed in detail on the liability waiver that you'll sign before you're allowed to use our services but it is worth summing it up here for you as well.   Poochie's is a unique style of boarding, it may not be for every dog.  At Poochie's Park we allow the dogs the freedom to be outside on big acres of land, off the leash enjoying the sights and sounds of nature--and of course under the supervision and companionship of our Dogmasters with up to 14 other dogs.  We believe our way is the best way to pass the time that they're away from you and we feel like its very healthy for them.  We do a great job at making this all as safe as possible for your dogs, we've been doing it for over 10 years and we take safety very seriously.  You need to think about the fact that there are definitely risks associated with this kind of freedom versus locking them away in a padded cell all day and night.  We're not saying that something bad is going to happen, it very rarely ever has but its possible. We will always take responsibilty if a mistake is made that was in our means to control but we will not accept financial responsibility for anything that may occur during or after a stay here that is beyond our ability to control.  It will be your decision to board your best friend here after you've considered all the possible risks versus the great rewards of being able to be a dog on vacation at Poochie's!  Thanks for reading, please feel free to request a tour and ask any questions you like prior to your stay.

Recently Adopted Dogs:  Dogs that were just adopted by you (or that have been exposed to a dog from a shelter) must not enter our facility for at least 7 days after you take them home.  This rule is a safety precaution so that we don't expose all the guests staying here to viruses that are very common in shelters and puppy stores.  The most common viruses will exhibit symptoms within 7 days.

Grooming/Spa services: We have a full grooming salon here serviced by our professional and certified groomers.  You may wish to upgrade the minimum required "Quick Wash" to a "Groomer's Bath" or "Full Groom or De-Shedding Treatment".  There is no late pick up fee or daycamp charge when you have grooming scheduled!  Because your pooch will be at play outdoors (swimming, digging, etc.) they are guaranteed to get dirty and we would like for them to be clean when you pick them up.  At or before you drop off, you will let us know what time that you’ll be picking them up, we like to wait and bathe them just 2 hours before you pick up so that they don’t have to be stuck inside all day.  If you don’t yet know the time that you’ll be picking up, that’s okay, just give us a call when you know or on that last day at least 2 hours ahead of your arrival.   Next, you’ll get to choose from a variety of high quality shampoos that best suits your dogs coat. 

Food:  To bring?  Or Not to bring?:  We always recommend to bring your own just to play it safe.  It's hard to say whether or not your dog will have an upset tummy by suddenly switching foods or not when they are in a place that they're not used to and eating food their not used to.  You know your dog's tummy the best so you'll have to make that call.    You may also want to have us feed a little more of your normal food quantity since they are burning more calories here than their normal home routine.  Our house food is Hill’s Science Diet Advance Fitness and we are happy to feed them that if you don't bring your own.  From the advice of our vet, this is a high quality food that suites the majority of dogs and is full of all the nutrients needed for the extra amount of activity that the dogs are getting here.   

There is no charge for feeding times......unless....If you have an extensive feeding routine that takes more time for us to complete then you may be subject to a special feeding fee of $2 per meal per dog.  We have a refrigerator and freezer and we are happy to feed your dog anything and everything that you want them to have to make their stay the best possible time.

We also sell all kinds of Science Diet foods here and next door at the vet if you want to buy them a bag or cans of wet that are more geared toward your type of dog (Seniors, sensitive stomach, all-natural, prescription foods, etc..are all available here)  Buying or bringing a couple cans of wet food for us to take spoonfuls from to encourage eating during boarding is a good idea.  Some dogs choose not to eat much during boarding for some reason.  Some dogs eat more than ever!

Veterinary services:  if needed, will cost extra.  We would only have the doctors next door treat your dog with your permission first as long as you can be reached.  If you can't be reached, then Poochie's manager with the guidance of our vet techs will decide on your behalf if your pet should get treatment.  Poochie’s campers get a discount on the exam fee, if an exam is needed for treatment. Your dogs being current on all vaccines at the day you drop off is required (its preferred that they have had all vaccines at least 10 days prior but not required).  If your dog is missing a vaccine, no problem!  You can go ahead and get on the road and our Vet will see your dog on the first day to get them all protected with vaccines.

Monthly Heartworm and other parasite protection required!  To prevent your dog from picking up some nasty worms or other parasite or from bringing them here if they've caught some already, please keep them current on a monthly parasite prevention pill.  If she hasn't had her current protection, no problem!  Just have our vet give it to her when you drop off.

Medicine Administration:  50 cents per administration.  PILLS: If it's a pill that your dog needs to take, please bring us something to hide the pill in if he won't eat it right out of his food bowl.  If he is not eating his pill, we will try to open his mouth and have him swallow it but if he seems nervous, we will not push it.  We will sell you a bag of our "Pill Pockets" in order to get him to swallow it.  Only the manager is allowed to administer medications.  We WILL make sure that he gets his meds on time everytime!

Special Medical Needs Dogs! Such as Diabetics, Etc..  ATTENTION!  BOARDING is a big change on your dogs lifestyle which can affect their health in adverse ways.  With the vets here working along side us, Poochie's does have the ability to take very good care of your dog during their stay but we need your cooperation.  The following requirement is for any dog that needs extra special health monitoring and treatments during their stay, such as dogs with diabetes. :::::: PRIOR TO YOUR RESERVATION with us, your dog needs to have an exam from one of OUR vets on site. During the exam and consult with you, they will come up with a plan of treatment for Poochie's to follow during your pets stay with us.  During the boarding stay, Poochie's needs to charge you an additional $10 per day to follow the routine and fill out the health chart that the vet gives us and also administer the insulin shots or other meds as needed.  The vets next door will also be on stand by for us to ask any questions we have or to check in on your dog anytime we ask them to.

Personal Belongings:  It’s up to you, when boarding, you are not required to bring any belongings with you though we prefer that you leave at least her own leash with us during her stay.   We have Mexican blankets for bedding and stainless steel food and water bowls.  We also have different kinds of treats and chewers, some of them fresh and homemade by Grammie.  However, if your pet has her own bed, favorite toy, treats, chew bones, or anything special to her then you are encouraged to bring it to make your dog's stay as close to home as possible. Though we do our best with personal belongings with your dogs very own built in locker, we can’t guarantee it won’t happen and there for WILL NOT be responsible for lost or broken items.  Your dog might grab a toy and run with it outside for example; lots of other ways to lose or break things but our record is pretty good so, it’s up to you!

You are always financially responsible for your dog’s actions: while they are here under our care, you are still responsible for any damage or injury that your dog does to another dog, person or property—regardless of the circumstances.   This means that you must pay for the medical bills of the other dog involved for the damage that your dog did during the incident.  Its Florida law and it’s the same deal when you’re dog is here under our care/watch.   Of course we are always being proactive to prevent anything that would cause your dog to want to nip another during play but they are still dogs after all and in this environment where we give them the freedom to be dogs, you must understand the risk that are associated with this kind of freedom.

You will have to pay for any veterinary treatment that your dog needs:  As was said in the last paragraph, in this environment with all the fun and freedom and outside time with friends, you must understand that there’s the possibility that your dog becomes sick or injured during her stay.  Poochie’s makes every effort to prevent these things from happening but you understand that if treatment is needed then you will need to pay for it.  See the Boarding & Daycamp FAQ’s page for more info on what we do if a dog gets hurt or sick, there’s a link at the top of this page.

In regards to the viewing the Non-Discounted Nights of boarding calendar:

  • Long Stay Discounts, Training Discounts, VID discounts or any other discounts are not given on the nights highlighted on the calendar.  Everyone has to pay the full regular price on the "non-discounted nights".  Those are the nights that we are full with a waiting list so please book the dogs as early as possible when you have a trip planned during a popular time!