About Poochies

Since 2003, Poochie's has been for friendly dogs and the people that love them. on 8 acres of beautiful land with tons of mature trees and a couple of big swimming ponds; Poochie's is a place where dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages can safely enjoy the outdoors together. 

It's a place where a dog can really be a dog. There's real grass, real dirt, real trees, real smells, real squirrels, and real big spaces to walk, run, swim, and explore. Our staff is top notch. We take the time to get to know and care for every dog here; we go the extra mile for our furry camp guests and their moms and dads too. 

The inside of our spacious, state of the art facility is (almost!) as beautiful as the land surrounding it.  Click here to read more information about the Poochie's story and meet the people that make it possible. 


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21 Fountain Drive
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Black Creek Clinic
The same team of veterinarians and technicians from Black Creek Veterinary Hospital in Middleburg are here in the building to provide all kinds of pets (not just dogs) with the same level of service, personal patient care and years of experience that their outstanding reputation was built from since 1988. (Click here to read more about the Vets and Techs from Black Creek Pet Clinic)

Call: (904) 375-2205
Fax: (904) 282-3222
37 Fountain Drive
Orange Park, FL 32065

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